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McCloud River Fly Fishing Report

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Rick Cox reports on 5.3.18

McCloud River

The McCloud River awaken from her long winters rest Saturday. She presented us with her magnificent beauty, spectacular spring foliage, and perfect water conditions. Ash Camp as always had it’s opening day crowds but no problem, it was like a big group hug rather than a battle for spots. The McCloud does put out that kind of vibe for us as she should. Reports of fair to good fishing came in, it was a rainy weekend and full moon which can have an effect but our guide got folks into fish. 

Nymphing was the proven method, very little going on as far as hatches but that will turn around very soon. With the great weather predicted this river too will only improve. Expect to see some Salmonflies and a few Mayflies but not in big numbers for the time being. The Golden Stones should begin their march to the bank and rocks soon so they will be on the menu for the fish. May and June will give us some of the best dry fly fishing that the McCloud can offer. Start making plans now and give us a shout.

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