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McCloud and Upper Sac Report

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Ted Fay Fly Shop Reports on 5.24.2017

Memorial Day weekend rapidly approaching and some of you are angsting about the river conditions. The McCloud dropped into very fishy shape this week but the hot weather returned and the high elevation melt kicked in. I of course took advantage of the window with satisfying results. The river is presently at 325cfs, a bit high from normal summer flows of 240cfs. As you can see it is approachable and worth a go. Visiblity is in the 4-5 ft. range and not much for hatches yet. Warm weather is forecasted this weekend so the river could spike up … or maybe not. You just gotta keep checking those online flows.

The Upper Sac has climbed back up to the 2000cfs range or as I call it The Pucker Line. Yes there are a few high water spots available but for the most part if you do not know them then you are probably wasting your precious time. These flows are excellent for the whitewater guys and they will probably be whooping it up here this weekend. When she drops below the Pucker Line then it’s time to get with it, these fish haven’t been harassed since last Fall.

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