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Lower Sacramento Striper Fly Fishing Report

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Capt. Hogan Brown reports on 10.4.18

Lower Sac STriper fishing has been up and down with the changing weather. We have had 80-90 degree weather and high 60s with good amounts of rain. One thing that can really mess with the striper bite on the river is change weather and pressure fronts moving through. So fishing has really depended on the day. When the weather has been stable and the barometric pressure is not all over the place then fishing has been really good.

 Some true trophies coming to the boat as well good numbers of 5-10lb fish…when the pressure is changing then the bite is TOUGH to almost shut off…With the fall weather stabilizing over the next week fishing should be good. October is traditionally a VERY good month for bigger fish and fall fishing in general for stripers on the river. 

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