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Lower Sacramento Striper Fly Fishing Report

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Capt. Hogan Brown reports on 11.1.18

Striper Fishing - Fall Striper fishing has been going strong. Fishing is different this time of year though as it becomes a quality vs. quantity game and we start chasing the biggest fish of the season through the winter. We hook much fewer fish each day but usually hook into one of the biggest fish of any clients life. Fish in the 20-40lb range are our targets and we fish intermediate to type 5 lines. 

The odds are not in most anglers favor for landing fish of this size as the river has dropped into fall/winter flows and all the snags and obstacles in the river come into play. We have battled some trophies over the last few weeks for up to 20minutes and then lost them in snags or debri…heart break by all definition. That said seeing and feeling the power of a striper in this class is a truly humbling experience that few ever experience so we focus on that…

Winter Spotted Bass Fishing - Lake fishing for winter spotted bass is coming up and with the time change this coming weekend should start up in the next month as water temps on our valley and foothill reservoirs began to drop. These fisheries are great for anglers of all skill levels and a great option in the late fall/winter/early spring as many rivers blow out. Spotted bass fight much like a smallmouth bass so even the smaller fish will put a solid bend in a six weight rod.

Open Dates Nov 23, Dec 8, 15, 17-19, 27-29, 31, Jan 2-4, 19, 26, Feb 2, 9, 11, 16,

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