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Lower Sacramento Striper Fly Fishing Report

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Capt. Hogan Brown reports on 12.6.18

Lower Sac Stripers 

Late fall and winter striper fishing is never a numbers game. We are out there fishing for one or two big grabs and some of the biggest fish of the year. 

The idea is that as the river drops it becomes easier to target the bigger resident fish and as water temps drop smaller fish move out of the feeding zones leaving only the bigger fish on a more consistent basis. Lots of fish are lost to snags though, pulled hooks on soft grabs, and just plain lost…usually, more are lost than landed. That said the opportunity to hook true 20+lb fish on a daily basis is pretty real. A lot of things have to line up though for it to happen.

This fall/winter has been a bit different though as we are getting a few 5-8lb fish as well throughout the day which has made the gaps between big fish a bit easier to swallow. Tactics change due to colder water over the winter and we are fishing much lighter lines and flies to keep flies in zones and up in the water column where the warmest water is and most active fish are holding.
Winter striper fishing should continue through March but will be really dependent on river conditions. A bit of color is not a bad thing and we can even catch fish in muddy water but blown out and trees floating down the river is a deal breaker. Gaps in the weather and steady conditions are best.

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