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Lower Sacramento Fly Fishing Report

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Bucko Theriot reports on 9.9.2015

With triple digit temps in the forecast thru the upcoming weekend, Redding is going to be hot, but so is the fishing. With a near perfect flow rate and steady influx of cold water, current conditions are producing good to very good results on some quality bows. Best to get out early, hit the possie grounds to Bonnie concentrating on getting good drifts along the soft water right on the edge of the drop offs ….look for the color change a.k.a. the dark water. Fly box should have caddis pupa patterns, #12-14s, Browns and cinnamon, birds nest CB in tans and brown, small may imitations are getting grabs and don’t leave home without a good supply of zebra midges. Don’t hesitate to change things up. A rubber legs will always turn heads; these bruisers don’t pass up the protein. For the folks that can’t make it to the river until after a hard days of work, look for fish in the shallows in the evening all the way  until last light.  Word of advice: if your venturing to the lower for the first time, “Don’t come in under gunned.” These fish have shoulders and will test even the best equipment. Be prepared to see your backing and bid adios to some true brutes that simply don’t want to be bothered spending time in the net for a photo op. Lower flows are allowing wading opportunities as well. Things are shaping up for what looks like to be a great fall season.

Bucko Theriot

Red Hackle Fly Fishing
Instagram @buckotheriot

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