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Lower Sacramento Fly Fishing Report

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Bucko Theriot reports on 2.17.2016

The Lower Sac has been fishing off the hook the past couple weeks. The weather has been awesome up until today. There is currently a storm rolling through and is dumping lots of rain that will turn to snow tonight up in the higher elevations. The storm is suppose to continue till Friday. But on the bright side, thirsty California is getting more water and there is some more spectacular fishing weather on the way for the weekend and next week, with temps reaching the mid 70s mid week and possible the 80s by the end of next week. Patterns that have been working have been Cinnamon Poopahs, mayfly imitations, Rubber Legs, and Eggs. 

Dates open for March: 1st-4th and the 6th-24th. The Lower sac fishes awesome in March!

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