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Lower Sacramento Fly Fishing Report

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Ryan Johnston reports on 4.20.17

Right now the Lower Sac is really the only viable option in the North Valley. The river is currently flowing at 30,000 cfs and has about 2.5 feet of visibility. The name of the game is to find soft water and throw whatever your favorite color of egg down the soft edge. If you are willing to work hard then you will be rewarded with a decent day of fishing. Right now it seems like you can hook about 25+ rainbows a day as you bounce around fishing all of the soft edges. As a guide it is a fun change of pace as we are fishing water that is similar to fishing the Rockies during run off.
The top water bass fishing has finally started with the warmer weather that we have had the last couple of weeks. Expect the top water bite to continue to improve as we get into May. If you are into the top water game, and who isn’t, then you need to come check out Luk Lake. This is a cool pay to play fishery in Corning that has some amazing top water fishing in the late spring. Some of the best top water fishing that I have encountered.

Current Openings:
May 2

Top Water Openings:
May 9, 22, 23, 25, 29


Ryan Johnston


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