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Lower Sacramento Fly Fishing Report

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Anthony Carruesco reports on 5.3.18

Lower Sac

The “Lower Sac” has crept up over the past week to 7k cubes. Typically, those flow changes will put the fish down a bit. That certainly was not the case last week as fishing remained very solid through the rise in the flow. We can expect the flow to creep a little closer to 10k as summer arrives.

A lot of fish seem to be coming off the spawn now – they’re firming up and packing weight back on at a very quick rate. PMDs, Caddis, and various Stones are the main meal tickets recently. Don’t be surprised if you see your backing out there right now. These fish are hot. The fish in the river have been in ridiculously good shape recently. With the bug activity and the condition of the fish; it’s shaping up to be a very memorable year on the o’l Lower Sac.

Hat Creek: Some very fun dry fly opportunities here from now until the dog days of summer.. find yourself a cloudy day and wait for the bugs to come off. Hunting heads on this spring creek is an absolute blast if you have the patience. This is one of our favorites this time of year.  

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