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Lower Sacramento Fly Fishing Report

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Lower Sacramento Fly Fishing Report

Dave Neal reports on 6.14.19

LCO 6/13/19
Lower Sac

If you enjoy fly fishing in Northern California you better not be taking any "rest
days"; right now. Some of the best fly fishing of the year is happening now and
things will get better in the coming weeks! So many options (which include
trout of course) but throw Bass, Stripers and American Shad in the mix and it
becomes head spinning the number of great fishing options that exist within 1-3
hours of where you live. 

Since I need to focus my energy I will talk about the trout fishing for now…
Lower Sacramento River flows have dropped to 10k in Redding and the fishing
has been improving (mostly been pretty damn good already). We are seeing
good numbers of caddis, little yellow stones and pmd’s in the morning and
afternoon and these bugs are driving the trout fishing right now. We are also
beginning to see prolific ped’s in the evening time… leading to an impressive
spinnerfall in the early mornings.

Fishing all the usual suspects for summer caddis will get you in the game… tan
Birds Nests, tan Silvey’s, cinn Poopahs, and maybe tie up some other flies that
these fish don’t see every day (stick with brown, tan, rusty shades). Be open to
throwing some PMD stuff like small #16 Pheasant Tail variations, Hogan’s S&M,
Nose Pickers, Peaches & Cream, etc… I like the brown S& M early in the morning as I believe the fish eat it as a drowned spinner just as well as a nymph.
Cannot wait for July and August on this river when the caddis really get going!
The evening dry fly fishing can be lights out after sunset on those hot summer

Currently, I have a few days open at the end of June and I would be stoked to
fish with you… June 24, 25, 26, 27.
One last note, it’s not all Lower Sac fishing right now. Flows on the Upper Sac,
McCloud and Pit River are coming into fine shape. Walk & wade season is
underway on these amazing wild trout rivers. Some of the best dry fly fishing of
the season will happen over the next few weeks. Come up and experience it!

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