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Lake Oroville Fly Fishing Report

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Capt Hogan Brown Reports on 11.30.2017

Spent the last week fishing a few days for winter bass on Lake Oroville. Lake Oroville is full of spotted bass and while not as big as their traditional “largemouth” bretheren I think they fight much harder…more like a smallmouth. They average 1-2lbs this time of year but there are better fish in the 3-4lb bracket that get caught and as we move into early spring more of the big girls and boys start to get caught. Right now the bass are tight to the bank in various depths eating minnows and fishing a float'n fly set up is by far the most affective. Fishing indicators for bass may not sound like a ton of fun but it is not what most anglers think. rarely does the indicator sit more then a few minutes and there is repeated casting to structure and drops…I was skeptical for years but this has turned into one of my primary winter fisheries as it fishes pretty consistantly all Dec-March when many of our valley rivers blow out and are unfishable. There are options for fishing shallow water flats and some good top water but like most fishing it all depends on weather and water temps.

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