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Klamath River Fishing Report

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Tayler Wells Reports on 12.3.2015:

The last cold snap sent water temps way down on the Klamath, we are now in winter steelhead mode with temps in the 40’s. With that, there are fish all over the river many being very bright and hard fighting.


The right flies in the right places are key to success. This is the time of year where the larger fish start to show up, which is always fun. Who doesn’t like coming tight to something with some weight behind it.


On another note, my season on the Klamath is about over, my wife and I are headed up to Northern Oregon for a while. Coastal steelhead for the rest of the winter for this guy.

Happy holidays from the Tailwalker family. It only takes one cast to find a steelhead, the right cast! Keep at it.


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