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Klamath River And Rogue Fly Fishing Reports

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Brandon Worthington Reports on 10.27.2016

I was fortunate to be on the water for the entire water event beginning last week, through the weekend and this week. As a steelhead guide I am used to cross referencing reports, forecasts and predictions, but that’s usually not until my winter program in January!

Even though we got pounded I was able to find good fishing for my clients through the storm and as the waters dropped, that steelhead green water kicked out some very fine fish! It’s pulled a lot of fish to the upper Rogue. I spent 4 days guiding on the Klamath last week. Slow fishing so far, it seems not to many fish are around or they have not yet arrived. I hope it fills in soon!

I moved several days to the Rogue this week and my clients were very stoked as the fishing has been fantastic here! Really great water conditions have the fish very grabby. November is a quiet month with very consistent fishing on both the Klamath and the Rogue. I still have a few days available to round out my month between the two venues : Nov. 14,15,16 28,29,30

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