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Foothill Bass Fly Fishing Report

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Chuck Regan reports on 2.28.19

As our Cal Delta stays high and our Central Valley Rivers continue to gush with the heavy storms that have passed or are passing through, there are still some prime opportunities to find a place to tame our addiction to fly fishing.  Foothill bass fishing offers great opportunities in the high water months when many other fisheries are too high, blown out or difficult to access.  


Thanks to the introduction of spotted bass in the early 70’s, Foothill lakes offer good angling opportunity to a species that tolerate cold water and stay suspended at times higher up in the column when the temps drop.  


Fishing has been fairly good this week and should only be getting better.  Contact the shop or myself for available dates or for info on DIY float tube, pontoon or kayak locations.  Fish hard, stay focused and get home safe.  Capt. Chuck Ragan
Travis Milligan of Truckee, CA. with his PB spotted bass on the fly.

The Foothill reservoirs this time of year continue to prove that even when some if not all of the surrounding rivers are blown out, there’s still fish to be caught and adventures to be had.  Water is cold this time of year so presentations need to be slowed drastically but if you’re able to locate fish, you will find multiple opportunities before wearing out your welcome.  Water has been 43-47 degrees depending on the reservoir you’re in, the traffic has been low and the numbers have been fair to great for spotted bass.  

Streamer presentations fished slow across points or in coves have proven to produce and of course suspended presentations seem to put fish most methods as the game fish slow down.  Rock piles and coves are always a great place to start and paying attention to your electronics for depth and temps once you begin to get bit.  The eats have been subtle but as usual, these “lethargic” predators dive and fight hard when hooked and offer a great experience for any angler of all skill levels.
Stay focused, fish hard and get home safe. Chuck Ragan

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