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Fly Fish in CubaStill to this day my trip to Cuba was one of my...

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Fly Fish in Cuba

Still to this day my trip to Cuba was one of my best.  Cuba is filled with brightness in the streets, beautiful people, and some of the best bonefish and tarpon fishing I’ve ever experienced.  And we fished hard- from dawn to dusk.  The guides were among the hardest working crew too.  

In the Jardina de la Reina park, which is bigger in size of the Florida Keys, anglers fish for tarpon in the range of 30-80 lbs as well as hunt some that are well over 80 lbs.   Flats filled with bonefish schools keep every level of an angler challenged.  While permit are landed fairly regularly if you dedicate some time to them.  

Jardines is for those looking for adventure, absolutely amazing food with fresh seafood every day, and complete comfort.   To get to the Tortuga or one of the yachts in their fleet, it’s a bit like planes, trains, and automobiles.  Guests transfer by bus from Havana to Jucaro port (5 hour drive), and then a 3-hour boat ride to final destinations which are approximately 60 miles from the Jucaro port.  

There are many options for accommodations and fishing options.

Tortuga 2016 Rates: (Saturday- Friday)

High season (March 5-June 24) $7900 per person

Peak season (May 7-May 27) $8450 per person  

Avalon runs a number of quality fishing operations around Cuba.  For more information including availability please tell Rachel you heard about it from Lost Coast Outfitters Rachel Andras a call at 800 488 5794 or email at

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