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Fall River, Hat Creek, and Pit River Fly Fishing Report

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LCO Reports on 7/6/17


Fall River 

Fall River is fishing well as it’s usual self. Mid morning dries, afternoon leaching, and evening hex hatch. For dries; Pmds and calibaetis tend to be the most abundant. When fishing dries I like to use a 15ft 5x leader and add 3ft of 6x fluorocarbon. this has been the best combo I have found for sticking nice fish on dries. 

Nymphing rig a small bobber the take is often very subtle and you don’t need much weight. 

Hat Creek

Late morning Dries are still happening but if you want dry action I’d head to carbon flats in the evening. In the middle of the day I’d fish below 299 and find some shade. Even consider heading to the pit where you will find a lot of fish provided you can find some unfished water. Caddis and size 16 mayfly nymphs will do the trick. 

Pit River

High stick nymphing with birds nest, caddis patterns, and mayflies will all do the trick. Ditch the bobber and use a lot of weight and fish close to you. The Pit River was mad for high stick nymphing. Be ready for caddis dries in the evening. 

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