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Delta Stripers to be Targeted for Removal

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Delta Stripers to be Targeted for Removal

I caught wind of a plan to kill off all the stripers and largemouth bass in the California Delta. The organization that is pushing this is the Coalition for a Sustainable Delta. When you do some digging into this coalition you will find they their first success is addressing "significant water supply impacts of water conveyance restrictions that greatly limit water supplies for farms, residents, and businesses."  This is not a conservation organization, this is a California Agriculture funded organization working to grab more water from the Delta. Killing off these game species will remove thousands of water advocates from the area and beyond. California Delta bass and striper anglers have played a large roll in the water conversation that has positively benefited salmon and steelhead. Don't be fooled, this is nothing more than a thinly veiled plan to reduce opposition to water draws in CA Delta. 

It's tricky because I love salmon and steelhead in California, that being said the Sacramento and San Joaquin river systems are destroyed, possibly beyond repair from a native and anadromous species standpoint. This destruction happened at the hands of California Ag and urbanization. The issues are numerous... complex waterway acts like a maze for returning and exiting salmon and steelhead. Dams block anadromous fish from hundreds of square miles of historical spawning habitat. When I go through the threats to anadromous species in California Trout's SOS report the following issues are more substantial threats than alien species: major dams, agriculture, grazing, residential development, urbanization, instream mining, transportation, logging, fire, estuary alteration, harvest, and hatcheries. Curious to get your thoughts on the issue. My 2 cents, if we follow this plan we will end up without salmon, steelhead, or stripers and the California agriculture industry will get all the water they want. This is not about a story about farmers trying to make a living or stripers eating salmon/steelhead, its a story of greed, gross overproduction, and food waste. If you want to be a part of this conversation DFW is hosting a meeting 6/12 in Redding and many are showing up to express their concerns for this plan.

If you do not agree that striper and LMB should be eradicated sign the petition here

Comments on this post (2)

  • Mar 19, 2020

    Save the delta, keep the water up here, and save the striper and salmon

    — Cheryl Berger

  • Jun 21, 2019

    I do not agree that stripers and largemouth bass should be eradicated from the delta

    — Tanner Tingey

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