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Delta Fly Fishing Report 8/21

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Steve Santucci, Steve Santucci Guid Service

Fishing can be really great in August and September for large Stripers.  You can fish topwater in the early mourning.  At this time of year I would try to fish the West Delta and fish areas of shallow water with visible weed beds.  Fish a fairly large Clouser Minnow on a Intermediate for shallow areas and explore as many shallow spots areas(3 to 5 feet) that have a good tidal flow.

Fish deeper water with a Clouser matched up with a fast sinking line in 8 to 15 feet of water.  In the afternoon you can go back to fishing top water on shallow flats.  I would use a 7 foot leader made out of
a full length of 20lb test mono. 

This is a great time of year to catch your largest Striper.  The big ones are just starting to pull into our Delta and they are not shy or spooky.  The fishing pressure is minimal and that’s why it’s a special

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