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Davis Lake Fishing Report

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Jon Baiocchi, Baiocchi’s Troutfitters reports on 6.15.2016

The last week has been unseasonably cool, and the wind has been present everday, sometimes right out of the chute. Water temps have dropped down to 57 to 62 degrees. Fishing pressure has been moderate, and the more popular access areas on the west shore has had it’s fair share of fly anglers.

The damsel game is happening, but with this cooler weather the hatch does not get going until 10:30am or so. Long leaders, and precise presentations to boiling fish is the key to success. Most commercial damsel patterns are to big and bulky, think slender and a little over an inch long. The Hexagenia mayfly is out, but in very small numbers. It’s been so cold that many have trouble taking flight. Callibaetis mayflies are in the mix too including both duns and spinners. Blood midges have not been as active as two weeks ago when we had warmer air and water temps. The cooler weather will only stall the hatches, we may see good fishing at the lake into July.

When my guests and I got off the water today it was blowing hard with gusts up to 40 mph, and cold snow squalls. June in the northern Sierra never ceases to amaze me. Conditions at Lake Davis will be golden once the heat comes back, and I certainly cannot wait until so!

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