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California Delta Fly Fishing Report

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Capt. Bryce Tedford reports on 10.18.18

Striper fishing in the Delta has been going strong for a few weeks now!  The weather has been excellent & we are finding lots of fish throughout the Delta. Most fish are smaller but 5lb fish are mixed in here & there.

 Hard to find larger fish over 5lbs but they should arrive soon! Water temperatures are 66-68 degrees in much of the Delta with cooler nights dropping the temperatures. 

For Stripers subsurface I am using 1/0-3/0 “Steve Adachi” Clouser style rattle flies in various Chartreuse/white color combos. 

Prime Striper fishing is just about here, October through November are 2 of the better months & will book quickly so reserve your spots soon!

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