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Best Fly Fishing Products For Back Pain

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By George Revel

As Garth Brooks once sang “I am much too young to feel this damn old.”

Growing up I played quite a few sports but the one I did the most was fly fishing. I was a 3 time national fly casting champion, was the youngest ever to be FFF certified and later to become FFF Master Certified all by the time I was 19. I’m not bragging but want you to understand that I did a lot of fly casting.


Well it turns out that doing a lot of fly casting during your growing years can cause the muscles on your casting side to become more developed than the non casting size. Which can pull your spine out of alignment. Yup…
So at 26 I am fighting some pretty severe lower back pain. Now I’ve never let this hold me back, but there are a couple of products that have really helped my back while fishing all day.

The Simms Back Magic Wading Belt has been a total game changer for me. When you synch down the Simms Back Magic Wading Belt it will completely take your lower back out of the equation. For 99.95 I think is is worth every penny:


Runner Up : Simms Backsaver Wading Belt

Offering more support than your average wading belt The Simms Backsaver Wading Belt will certainly help brace you lower back during a day of fishing. The Simms Backsaver Wading Belt is a bargain at 49.95.


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