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AC Fly Fishing Reports 8.25.2016Back from the Bush..Good morning,...

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AC Fly Fishing Reports 8.25.2016

Back from the Bush..

Good morning, friends. I am recently back from my two week hosted trip to Alaska. What a great time we had in our nations last frontier. I was lucky to spend both weeks with two outstanding groups of guests. A boatload of fun was had by everyone. Thank you for those of you who made it happen! Alaska has a very special place in my heart and I look forward to visiting and hosting guests for several seasons to come. There hasn’t been much of a break in the action for me, as I returned right back to rowing the Lower Sac the day after landing on the home turf. Fishing on the home river here in Redding hasn’t seemed to skip a beat at all during my absence. 

Keep reading below for a more in-depth report on local fishing and see what’s in the hopper for the Fall season..  

Click here for more photos from Alaska!

Lower Sacramento River

The “Big River” is currently flowing at 10,500 cfs and is glacial green. Not much has changed from the last report.. the fish are still happy and chowing our flies. “Heavy” seems to be the best adjective used to describe the fish in the river right now. The most productive times of the day have been mid-late morning and then again in the late evening. Hydropsyche Caddis hatches have been driving the fishing later in the day. Don’t overlook the little baetis and PMDs either..

The Quality and condition of fish in the river right now is better than I have seen it in the past 10 years. I believe a lot of this has to do with the two temporary closures on sections of the river over the past two years. That, coupled with the robust summer hatches have made for some fantastically healthy and happy fish.

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