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October Caddis

October Caddis

The October Caddis (Dicosmoecus) is by far my favorite aquatic insect as well as my colleges, we have done an in depth study of this insect for the last 10 years and have learned so much. Great hatches of this bug occur on the McCloud, Upper Sac, the Pit, and Truckee rivers. There are many other rivers and streams that hold the Oct. Caddis as it is a very prolific insect. The larvae builds a case out of small pebbles and spends 1-2 years in the river before it seals the case up and begins pupation, This transformation takes about two months. When ready to hatch, they chew their way out of their case and hatch mid stream or on rocks that are in slow skinny water between noon and evening. Known as the "Big Bug" these insects are 30mm long, and thick! Pupa imitations should be tied on a #6 or #8 3xl hook with a burnt orange body, burnt orange front hackle, black ostrich collar and a black bead. Short line high sticking pocket water will get good results.

Fishing the adult is my true love for this bug, after all, fishing a big dry is simply the bestOctober Caddis game in town. Many anglers fail to catch large numbers of trout on the Oct. Caddis due to the fact that they simply cast and watch the bug drift. There is so much more to it than that. First, the fly should be of the right size, shape, and profile. You would think that color is of high importance but it is not, which was proved by a college of mine who used a blue bodied pattern on the McCloud and caught fish. Your pattern should sit low in the water, be able to float in all types of water, and be very durable. The color of the wing is important though, on the natural the color of the wing is of pine bark - this is how it camouflages itself from the birds. Also note that the Oct. Caddis loves sunny sections of the river, so find a good bend in the river that gets all day sun.
I tie the Oct. Caddis on 3x, this way when I get hung up in a tree or on an elephant ear I can get my prized fly back. Using a short line I dab the pocket water keeping most of the leader off the water. Here is the key to your success, you must twitch the fly like a natural, even bringing it off the water and back down several times. When a longer drift is needed, cast downstream and drift it fly first so the fish do not see your leader - much like a Fall River drift. The Oct. Caddis lives quite a long time for an aquatic bug, but the cold weather usually gets the best of them. Snow - Some of the best days fishing this bug has been on snowy days when the insects fall from their perch, whether it is a tree or stream side foliage and are helpless drifting down the lanes into a hungry mouth of a trout. 

Best game in town folks, so get out there and experience this fascinating hatch!

Lost Coast Outfitters Notes on October Caddis

October Caddis Hatches can be found on Upper Sacramento River, McCloud River, Klamath River, Pit River, North Fork Yuba River, Truckee River, Trinity River, Klamath River, and may other streams and creeks in California.

Fish Larva and pupa under an indicator or using tight line techniques. We often find fish like swung October Caddis pupa and skated dries as well. 


  • Swing an October Caddis pupa and a small BWO nymph like Hogan's S&M for a deadly fall combination.
  • Fish the edges with October Caddis dries.
  • Skitter and move your dry.
  • Afternoon and evenings tend to be most productive.
  • Bring a headlamp when you fishing October Caddis dries. 
  • Bring dry shake do you can dry your fly quickly as the hatch. 
  • Skated October Caddis dries can be deadly for Steelhead and Trout. 

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Here at Lost Coast Outfitters we are constantly striving to bring the best possible experience to our customers, and we know that sometimes that means testing out some of the best gear on the market.  Through the Rental program you will be able to demo top of the gear at a fraction of the cost to see the difference that modern technologies can make out on the water.  Whether you are in the market for a new piece for the arsenal, or looking to outfit a friend this is the perfect option to make your next trip to your favorite waters a memorable one.

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Skwala Adult

Skwala Adult

One of the interesting features of this insect is that it really doesn’t like to fly. When observing a Skwala adult you will notice that a majority of the time they lean more towards scurrying frantically from place to place without even twitching their wings.  

When the hatch is really on you can expect to see very splashy and aggressive takes from the fish because the insects will even scurry across the surface of the water in order to lay their eggs. This means that you can fish the adult similarly to any other dry fly, but skating a Skwala across a long run in never a bad call.  Similar to swinging a wet fly, skating a dry fly allows you to systematically cover a large body of water, making sure not to miss any section that could be holding that monster fish.  When skating a Skwala it’s important to keep your rod tip at eye level and to add a constant twitch as to keep the fly on the surface. 

Where To Fish?

One of the best known fisheries for the Skwala stonefly is the Yuba River in between Parks Bar and Englebright Reservoir. This section of water is known for its hard fighting, healthy rainbows and this is one of the few times of year where even the big fish will be looking up for their next meal.  Another colder option for amazing Skwala fishing would be the Truckee river, where I would mostly focus on fishing the nymph stage with the occasional switch to a Skwala dry. Many of California’s mountain streams like the Truckee and Feather have Skwala Stones. 

Our Favorite Skwala Adult Patterns