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Fly Fishing Tools

Fly Fishing Tools

Simms New G4Z Wader Stockingfoot

Fly Fishing Waders

Fly fishers, especially those who ply cold waters for the fish they hope to hook up with, usually have to get wet to get on their quarry. Waders have been around in some form or another for a long time now and are as part of the mythology of fly fishing as creel, rod, reel, and the flies themselves. Today's modern wader designs employ high tech materials, innovative construction, and athletic tailoring designed to not only protect you from the elements, but to help you stay as comfortable and safe as possible when you're in the river, wading the flat, or trying to stay dry on the boat. At Lost Coast Outfitters, we think an appropriate pair of waders can mean the difference between a good day of fishing and a great one. That's why we offer the very best waders from Simms Fishing Products, Redington, and Patagonia. Waders play a central part of the fly fishing game, so why scrimp on your own safety, comfort, and fun?

Simms G4 Wading Jacket

Fly Fishing Wading Gear

Walking up, down, and along a river is one of the best parts of fly fishing. We encourage many anglers to wet wade during the summer months of California. Don't be afraid to grab a pair of neoprene socks, strap on your boots and go fishing. It makes the hotter summer months much more enjoyable.
Simms Ultra-Wool Core Top

Fly Fishing Wool

Patagonia Hybrid Pack Vest, Light Bog

Fly Fishings Vests

Rio Outbound Short Shooting Head - Type 6 (6-7ips)

Fly Lines

Just how important is the type of fly line you use? Pretty darn important! The right fly line can make your day on the water so much easier; just as the wrong fly line can ruin it. With the advent of new fly rod technologies have come the need for specialty and more advanced fly lines. Manufacturers like Scientific Anglers, RIO, and Airflo have stepped up to meet the challenge. Now it seems there is a specific fly line for every type of fly rod and every type of fly fishing situation. But basically there are still three main groups of fly lines: floating, sinking, and Spey. As you start looking into floating fly lines you will find weight forward lines, double taper lines, and specialty lines that are a derivation of the two. In sinking lines there are sink tips, partial and full sinking, as well as shooting heads. Spey lines, well talk about special! In our product descriptions, we have provided all the necessary information to take the guesswork out of which fly line you should be using for which fly fishing condition, if you fall prey to fly line confusion, just remember we are just a phone call away. 

Fly Lines for Fly Fishing the Surf

Fly Lines for Fly Fishing the Surf

Here is our selection of best fly lines for fly fishing the surf.  We sell both integrated line systems as well as shooting head systems.  Keep in mind that if you go with a shooting head system you'll need to purchase a running line as well.  In the surf we prefer the versatility of a shooting head system because it allows you to switch head systems between varied sink rates while still using just one spool and reel.
Abel SDF

Fly Reels

A properly made fly reel can last generations. Below is a selection of reels that we believe will make it to your grandchildren. They will survive getting dunked, dropped, fallen on, and whatever other hell you can put your reel through. Lost Coast Outfitters has curated a collection of the best fly reels on the market.
Alpenglow Peerless 5wt Bamboo Fly Rod  - 1

Fly Rods

Fly Tying

Spirit River Real Eyes Plus

Fly Tying Beads and Eyes

Enrico Pulglisi Anadromus 2.5" Wide Brush

Fly Tying Brushes

Fly Tying Dubbing

Strung Chinese Saddle Hackle (5-7 inch)

Fly Tying Feathers and Hackle

Fly Tying Foam


Fly Tying Fur and Hair


Fly Tying Head Cement, Epoxy, and Glues

Alec Jackson Heavy Wire Spey

Fly Tying Hooks

Steve Farrar SF Blend

Fly Tying Synthetic

Veevus 6/0

Fly Tying Thread, Wire, and Tinsel

Dream Stream Fly Tying Tool Kit

Fly Tying Tools

Fly Tying Tube Fly

Hareline Fly Tying Kit - Tools Included

Fly Tying Vises and Kits

Fly Tying Yarn and Chenille

Rio InTouch Gold Fly Line

Freshwater Lines

Patagonia Ultralight Boot-Sticky

Freshwater Wading

G Loomis Fly Rods

Galvan Fly Reels

Galvan Fly Reels

Galvan reels were born out of necessity. Years before the Galvan reel hit the shelves, Boni Galvan, a Sierra trout fisherman by avocation and a machinist by trade, envisioned something more. In 1990, after fishing his home waters, (a tributary of the Tuolumne River called the Clavey River), he went into a fly shop to purchase a better quality reel only to find that he could not afford one. So he began to develop a design of his own: a light, rugged reel with an exceptionally smooth, dependable drag system at an affordable price. From that design, the first Galvan reel was born. Its genesis was in the high mountain streams of California’s central Sierra Nevadas. In 1992, using his machinist’s skills and trout fisherman’s intuition, Boni created the first prototype. This first reel morphed through several configurations until the summer of 1994 when it was ready for distribution. The finished product was one of the lightest, smoothest, simplest and most elegant reels available. And Fly Reels have never looked back.
Golden Stonefly Adult

Golden Stonefly Adult


  • Color: Golden-Olive / Brown Mottled
  • Antennae: 2
  • Tails: 2
  • Legs: 6
  • Size: 22-38mm

After migration to the foliage and rocks of the shoreline, golden stoneflies shed the remainder of their nymphal shucks and quickly find mates under the protective cover of streamside vegetation. The fertilized females will then fly clumsily above the water, quickly darting to the surface to deposit eggs, making themselves easy targets for aggressive surface-feeding trout.

Many adults will also fall from the safety of streamside trees, weeds, and other vegetation. These unfortunate bugs wind up swept along with the main current and will often collect in the slower water of eddys and along deeper cut banks. Golden stoneflies in their adult stage are easily spotted as they are quite active during and after their streamside mating time.

Fishing Tactics

When fishing a golden stonefly dry it is very important to focus on the banks of the river.  Don't worry about delicate presentation and get as close to foliage as you possible can to represent the insect falling into the current.  Eddy's and other current changes are other solid spots to test your luck

Our Favorite Golden Stonefly Dry Fly's


Golden Stonefly Nymph

Golden Stonefly Nymph


  • Color: Golden-Olive / Brown Mottled
  • Antennae: 2
  • Tails: 2
  • Legs: 6
  • Size: 22-38mm

During the larval stage, which commonly lasts anywhere from 1 to 3 years, golden stoneflies spend the balance of their time using their powerful legs and low center of gravity to cling to the rocky bottoms of small to large rivers and spring creeks with moderate to fast flow rates.

During its nymph life stage, these crawlers are most commonly found in the medium to fast water of riffles and higher energy current seams. Prior to and during a hatch, these medium-to-large sized nymphs can also be found in low energy backwaters, eddys, and other shallow streamside environments. Golden stonefly nymphs thrive among the cool, well-oxygenated water of rocky riffles and these nymphs are most vulnerable to trout when they are either swept up by strong currents or when they leave their rocky homes to hatch into winged adults from the safety of the shoreline.

Their swimming ability is quite weak and these nymphs expose themselves by making adventurous crawling trips away from safety just before emergence and subsequent on-land hatching. Golden stones are an important hatch on many rivers in North America, and in the west, they are often associated with the prolific hatches of the giant salmonfly, which generally precede the hatches of the golden stonefly. These easily distinguishable nymphs are available to trout throughout the waters of North America on a year-round basis and commonly hatch from morning to evening hours.

Fishing Tactics

Standard nymphing tactics are the best way to imitate the golden stonefly nymph.  Try high sticking or dropping this nymph under an indicator and focus on fishing the edges of color change, current change, or fishing the banks.

Our Favorite Golden Stonefly Nymphs

Hardy Marquis Salmon No. 2 10 Weight Fly Reel

Hardy Fly Reels

Hatch Fly Reels

Hatch Fly Reels

We have been fishing Hatch since the very beginning of their existence. It must have been 2005 or 2006 when we met John with his first prototype reels. Hatch Fly Reels has always had exemplary products and service which is why you will find them on our shelves and on our rods. Hatch has become the go to for our beach anglers who put reels through the ringer more than any type of fishing. Day in and day out Hatch Fly Reels deliver like no other reel. Made and serviced right here in California, Hatch Fly Reels are a no brainer for any west coast based angler.

Our Favorite Hatch Reels are Hatch 3 Plus Mid Arbor (as a 5wt), Hatch 5 Plus Mid Arbor ( as a 7wt), Hatch 7 Plus Large Arbor as an 8wt, and Hatch 9 Plus as a 7/8wt Spey Reel.

Lost Coast Outfitters Gift Certificate

Holiday Gift Ideas

InsectShield tech

InsectShield tech

Mosquitoes, beyond being annoying,  carry all sorts of bad things with them. Be prepared with Insect Sheild. Insect Shield® repellent apparel provides long-lasting, effective and convenient personal insect protection. The active ingredient in Insect Shield® is so tightly bonded to the fabric fibers that it retains effective repellency throughout the lifetime of the product. This is well beyond the lifecycle of most other products on the market, Insect Sheild works for 70+ washes.
Rio Intouch Outbound Short

Integrated Surf Fly Lines

Integrated fly line systems are great because you don't have to deal with the connection knot from a shooting head system that can be rather cumbersome and clunky going through your guides.  With an integrated system you are getting a 30' head and a running line in one smooth and compact system.
James Brand Folsom Knife


Lamson Fly Reels

Layering for Coldweather Fly Fishing

Layering for Coldweather Fly Fishing

Layering For Fly Fishing
Sage Salt HD 1090-4 Fly Rod

LCO Baja Gear Guide

LCO Beach and Surf Rod and Reel Outfits

LCO Beach and Surf Rod and Reel Outfits

We have curated a selection of outfits at a wide variety of price points.  If you have any questions about any of these complete outfits please don't hesitate to give us a call