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Sage X Fly Rod

10 Foot 4wt The NorCal Trout Rod

Abel VAYA Fly Reel - Black

Abel Fly Reels

20/20 Magnetic Tippet Threader


Veevus Mono

Adachi Clouser Fly Tying

Secure eyes on the bottom of the jig hook (one eye length from the bend of the jig hook) using alternating wraps (3 in one direction and then 3 in the other direction) and repeat until the eyes are solid on the hook.  Then cut a significant amount of Flashabou and tie it in for the tail and double it back to secure.  Leave the flash long and with a straight cut at the back to ensure the most movement possible in the fly. Its a good idea to whip finish and epoxy the eyes and the shank of the hook at this point for durability.  Wait for epoxy to dry and move on to step 2

Cut your first color of SF Blend fibre.  For most flies this will be your lightest fiber since it will be the belly. Taper the fiber before tying in by adjusting the fibers in your fingers until you have uneven tail.  Tie the fiber in the center in front of your eyes and then pull both sections back over the eyes and secure with a 4-6 wraps of thread

For the Gills we’ll be using EP Anadromous Brush in Red.  Cut a small V from the brush and roll the fibers in your fingers so the fibers are together in two sections.  You now have a right and a left side.  Secure this V down on the bottom of the hook with loose wraps first so you have the red fibers split on either side of the fly but oriented in a downward.  Its a good idea to whip finish and epoxy the eyes and the shank of the hook at this point for durability.  Wait for epoxy to dry and move on to step 4

Select a section of your next color of SF Blend Fibers.  This should be about half the amount of the belly section of a fly.  Taper the ends and tie the near side even with the body on the top of the hook.

Take the second color fibers going forward of the eye and fold them back on the far side of the hook.  They should be even with the near side fiber you just tied in. To get this use your scissors to taper the fiber.

Select your last color of SF Fiber and tie it in on top of the section you just tied in for the second color.  If you tie it in the middle of the fiber you should be able to double it back over and then secure everything with 2 coats of thread wraps. Epoxy and wait to dry and the fly is finished.

Steve Adachi Clouser - Chartreuse

Adachi Clousers

Airflo Rage Compact Head

Airflo Fly Lines

Airflo has always been a leader in new fly line technology. From welded loops to multi-tip lines to the famous Ridge Line, Airflo continues to push the boundaries of what is possible to make slicker, longer lasting lines. Manufactured in the UK, Airflo lines are PVC free, and made of durable, crack resistant polyurethane. Give them a shot, we're confident you'll like them.
Lost Coast Outfitters Trucker Cap


Fly fishing will take you to some of the most beautiful places in the world. You will encounter everything from extreme heat to arctic conditions. Even in the same day you can get sunny warm to to freezing cold temps. It's important that the you have the right gear to stay comfortable and fish longer. Below is a selection of fly fishing apparel that we have tested and believe in.
Bauer RX Fly Reel

Bauer Fly Reels

Filson Watch Cap Beanie


Rio Powerflex Tapered Leader 3-Pack

Best Selling Products

Beulah G2 Opal Surf Rod

Beulah Fly Rods

Caddis Flies

Caddis Flies

Caddisflies are relatively large aquatic insects that provide hungry trout with an excellent source of nutritional protein. There are literally thousands of species of caddis across the globe so it's often helpful to generalize caddis by their color and size; an angler would have to have a thousand fly boxes to match every local species of caddis. Here are the Caddis fly patterns that fill our fly boxes.

California Flies

Premium flies designed by California tiers for California rivers.
Campfire Collection

Campfire Collection

Domino Set  - 1


Patagonia Black Hole Duffel Bag 55L

Carry On Luggage

Burkheimer Classic Build Spey Rod 8121-5

CF Burkheimer Fly Rods

Simms Harbite Vibram Cleats - 20 Pack

Cleats and Studs

Cortland Liquid Crystal Fly Line, Flats Taper

Cortland Fly Lines

The oldest fly line manufacturer, Cortland has produced quality lines for over 100 years. During that time from their factory in upstate New York they have produced technologies like printed line ID, the famous clear-camo lake lines, the ubiquitous 444 lines and countless other innovations. And, Cortland does it all at an affordable price point.


Sage + Stanley 8oz Flask

Drinkware/ Partyware

Who doesn't like to Party?
Surf Fly Fishing Outfit

Echo Fly Rods

Einarsson Fly Reel


Oddly enough, giving San Francisco quick and easy access to the essentials is why we opened Lost Coast Outfitters. These are the items that you run out of and forget to get until you are leaving for your trip. All of these Items are guaranteed in stock and available for same day delivery.
Euro Nymphing

Euro Nymphing

1 Hour Private Casting Lesson


Simms Sungaiter

Face Mask

Farlex fly Reel

Filson Tin Packer Hat - Otter Green


Filson Watch Cap Beanie

Filson Apparel

Filson Compact Fishing Waist Pack

Filson Luggage

Fishpond Thunderhead Submersible Backpack

Fishpond Luggage

Fishpond Wading

Chocklett's Next FeatherLite Changer




Loon Aquel

Floatants and Shakes

Fly Boxes

Fly Boxes

1001 Fly Fishing Tips

Fly Fishing Books and DVDs

Below is a collection of our favorite fly fishing books and DVDs. We have watched or read all of the fly fishing books and DVDs below.

Loon UV Kit

Fly Fishing Glue

Fly Fishing Hats

Fly Fishing Hats

Fly Fishing Indicators

Fly Fishing Indicators