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Fall River Area Fly Fishing Report

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Dave Neal at Real Adventures reports on 8.6.2015

 Fished Fall River and surrounding waters a couple days this past weekend with some Clearwater Lodge guests and we had solid fishing when the fish were grabby along with slower periods of the day when they were not so grabby. Most of our success came on very small midges and very small mayfly patterns drifted under an indicator along with a few sessions swinging sparsely tied “leech” patterns! The fish seem to be pretty pattern fussy at times but when we found a pattern they liked, the fish let us know on every drift. Nothing like the tight-line grab on this amazing spring creek water!!

The upper river wasn’t too crowded at all this past week and the anglers we spoke with seemed happy with that. Fish are spread out now… you should be able to locate pods of working fish all the way down to the confluence.

Weather has been great… periods of intense sun, with cloudy and breezy afternoons. Call me crazy - but so far it feels like we are having a mild summer? We may have continued cloudy and thundershower activity later in the week, which would provide favorable and comfortable conditions offering a break from the “Dog Days” of summer. Come up and see us at the Clearwater Lodge!

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