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Northern California Fishing Report, Truckee River

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Matt Heron Reports on 5.8.2024

Truckee River: After an unusual run of three weeks on the road, it was great to get on the Truckee again, and boy did it deliver. 
While I was gone, I chatted with our guides quite a bit, keeping up with conditions and our clients fish stories. But what I wasn't prepared for was how clear the river was going to be when I got back.
Although the Truckee is running high, it's really clear, especially above the Boca confluence in the mornings. 
If it wasn't so high, you could damn near sight fish!
Northern California Trout Fishing
With the clarity, the usual attractors of eggs and worms for mid May haven't really produced this week, but mayflies have. 
Nymphs in 14, 16 & 18s will catch about any fish in the River right now...above Boca. There are Baetis and March Browns hatching, and tons of pre season PMD Nymphs around. And with the clean water, almost all our fish have been on 4x. 
Below Boca things are a little more "normal" for mid may. The Little Truckee is cranking in water, and a decent amount of color in the canyon. 
We were getting fish a bit more regularly on eggs and worms w 3x, and the same nymphs listed above. Rubberlegs aren't a bad idea either.
Northern California Trout Fishing
Things are only going to get better from here out and Carpenter Ants should be just around the corner. 
And for what it's worth, afternoon water temps are 46 just after lunch. 
If you're looking to unlock a few secrets on the Truckee this year, drop us a note. Our guides would love to show you around our backyard.

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