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Upper Sacramento and McCloud River Fly Fishing Reports

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Upper Sacramento and McCloud River Fly Fishing Reports

Rick Cox Reports on 7.20.20

McCloud River:
The McCloud River has been kicking out some very big fish lately. The Brown pictured above has to be one of the biggest we have seen ever, this bad boy was a solid 30 inches and John Rickard, our Brown Guru, was dialed in on this particular day, spotting it, client hooking it and landing it after 4 ginormous leaps.
Also this large rainbow was an OMG for this river too. It’s all about nymphing and getting your bugs down. This time of year with the lack of hatches the fish are hugging the bottom in the deep runs and pools or sticking their heads into the heavy oxygenated water where they feel safest. It’s been very hot in the canyon so wet wading is recommended. Btw be on the lookout for the rare and scary big Dobson Fly, if one lands in the river wait for the explosive grab of a big fish.
Upper Sacramento River:
The Upper Sac has been fishing good lately regardless of the very hot weather. You are going to get a lot of the little guys that are prevalent these days but there are still some bigger fish to be had. Nymphing is the best method and getting your flies down near the bottom a must. We also are starting to see the annual upstream charge of the lake run fish out of Shasta Lake and hooking into one of these guys is like a jolt of electricity, they are very active fish and a chase may be in the offering. Again here wet wading is suggested, recommended and preferred.

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