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Yosemite Fly Fishing Report

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Rick Mazaira reports on 1.5.17

This week I had the opportunity to speak the the State Water Resources Control Board along with Tim Hutchins, Sam Davidson, Cindy Charles, Kelsey Linnett and Sean O'Rourke . The good was to be able to share the negative impact low water flows have had on the fly fishing community and the fly fishing industry and get to advocate for higher flows. The bitter side was the lack of angler representation. I set my heart to be more proactive this year, to have a forward leaning posture toward these environmental issues and policies; bearing in mind that the fishing industry is an industry as AG is. I would like to challenge us to lean into these issues too. We just seem so lethargic compared to what we have at stake. In eight hours of testimony there were two testimonies that dealt with fishing, and one panel that was sponsored by T.U. So I will publish information and promote, please join me in this…

… now off the soap box!

As I’m sure you’ve heard there is a huge weather event - be super mindful of flows they can change rapidly… fish at your own risk! WEAR A PFD!!!

Mokelumne- Flows - Opening Day the Mokelumne was a zoo!!! There were two rescues on the opener, no life jackets and hopefully a gear rescue in the fall. The Moke will be real pushy and 1,400 is unfishable for the fly guys and very tough for the bait guys.

Stanislaus- Still water is best, Beardsley is an option.

Lower Stan has fish counts coming in with water @+/- 200cfs it’s low for a   drift, lots of slogging. Above 750 it’s class III+ Be extra careful walking on the Redds!!!!

Tuolumne - Water is @ +/- 170cfs which is low, 250 is ideal 550 is super pushy. Be extra careful walking on the Redds!!!!

Merced- Below El  Portal fishing is open water is @ +/-650cfs but flows are best below 300

Crocker Huffman Dam - notice new parking restrictions all along the river to discourage illegal fishing practices. It will be the first to lose clarity.


Rick Mazaira

Yosemite Outfitters
Box 2910
Oakhurst CA 93644

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