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Truckee River Fly Fishing Report

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Matt Koles reports on 1.28.19

Rolling right through Winter. Good solid fishing on the Truckee River. Remember, Winter is not the time for lots of fish, but quality fish, yes.

Flows are great all over the river. 300 something here, and about 400 and change down in the desert. Really good for this time of year. The Truckee River could either be blown out around now, or very very low. About perfect right now.

I’ve been a little all over. West of Reno, and East. A little around here. Streamer fishing wasn’t the best this last week. Just a few grabs. In fact, I had a buddy row me around one day and I didn’t get shit all day. Not one grab. That’s streamer fishing. We have been getting them on nymphs though, that’s easy, haha.

The big blue wing hatches down in the desert are picking up. It happens about now through April. So it’s fun to bring a dry fly rod and try to pick a few off in the afternoons. Fun stuff for you purists. The dry fly fishing looks like this.

We’re moving out of that real cold part of Winter up here, but we have more snow on the way.

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