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Truckee River Fly Fishing Report

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Jon Baiocchi reports on 5.3.18


The flows have been slowly dropping on the Truckee River the last few weeks, we’ve had some warmer days where there is more of a melt of the snowpack, and coolers days where there is not as much. Flows as of 4/30 in the upper watershed are running at 490 cubes, east of town they are at 991 cfs, and down in the canyon the flows are 1,050 cfs. 

Water is clear for the most part, a little more color near the top end of the river. Water temperatures are 49 in the morning, and 52 in the afternoon. Fishing pressure is thick on the Glenshire stretch with anglers running down from parking access areas to the select buckets only to beat others. Etiquette is thrown right out the window with no regard to other fellow fly fishers. Fly fishing is such a scene nowadays. Hiking into remote sections further downstream will deter such actions. Overall fishing has been pretty good, some days are better than others. You’ll do better if you can present your flies early in the morning before others race down to do such.

High stick nymphing, and stripping streamers remains to be the most productive techniques. For nymphs, black rubber legs, crays, eggs, worms, and blue Czech nymphs. The Stanley Streamer remains the top streamer for our crew, with baby rainbows a close second. The grabs can be quite aggressive. My guest a few days ago nearly had his rod ripped out of his hands – That definitely got his blood pumping.

I’d like to thank the members of the Tahoe Truckee Fly Fishers, and Diablo Valley Fly Fishers for attending my workshops last week. They were fun and very successful for all. Learning new techniques, rigging, reading water, and fly selection are just a few of the key ingredients I cover. Combine that with my informative professional handouts and a wholesome lunch makes for happy fly anglers. I have another streamer workshop on the 5/19, the cost is $150 and includes all of the above, plus top-shelf materials used for proper rigging. There are is 1 spot open at this time. 

Call or email me if you like to book your spot. 530.228.0487 ~  

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