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Truckee River Fly Fishing Report

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Jordan Romeny reports on 5.31.18

It’s good! Not a gimme at all but persistence pays off. The last few weeks have shown some very unsettled weather. We were ducking thunderstorms daily providing hit or miss results. It looks like we are settling in a bit so get ready for good fishing.

The river has been running high but compared to 2017 we aren’t scared about high water. The river is starting to drop into shape recently. We are looking at about 800cfs down in the Hirsch. That means we are getting back to normal.

Tactics have been multi-faceted. One of my favorite options for the area is that it’s multi-dimensional. Every morning last week we got at least one eat streamer fishing the first run. Nymphing has been the best producer but we’ve got a few dry fly eats each day too. There really aren’t many places you can hook fish all three ways in a day.

The bugs have been so so. Your typical midge and bows have been out and about. Lately, we’ve seen a few more pmds, little yellow stones, and small monsters hers day Caddis out. The exciting new a is that the ants are marching hoorah. This time of year produces the carpenter ants from the trees. While it’s been stunted with the uneven weather it’s about to go off. When we get weather into the high 70s those giant ants come out of the trees. Blind casting ant patterns can get some grabs. Don’t wait for rises.

As far as areas to look at toss a dart at the map and head that way. There really isn’t a better spot right now. It’s fishing for the top to bottom. The smaller feeder creeks are in shape too. Lots of options right now.

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