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Deschutes River Fly Fishing Report

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With the crazy winter we had and the warmer than average spring we are having, the hatches on the Deschutes have been put in overdrive. Normally right now the salmon fly hatch is just about to hit primetime. But this year we are already on the back end of the hatch. The salmon fly fishing is still good and should continue to be good for the next week or better. But with the salmon fly hatch possibly ending a bit sooner than most seasons, this will be a good or bad thing for some people. For those of you who usually hit it late this month you might miss it. But for those of you who prefer to dodge the crowds, fish smaller flies and go head hunting for rainbows in back eddies and soft shoulders, your time is fast approaching.

*Because of the mild winter, the Deschutes will be running a bit lower than most years. Which isn’t a big deal because we still have plenty of water in the reservoirs that feed the Deschutes to get us through the year. We are excited for the lower flows because we will get to fish some spots that we have hardly ever, if ever fished before on the Deschutes in 19 years of guiding it. And that’s the fun part about fishing, exploring new fishing holes.

Don’t forget good numbers of steelhead start entering the Deschutes in just over two months. So if you are one of the people who enjoy getting up early, watching the sun rise and like to skate flies for summer steelhead, give us a shout soon. As of this season the BLM is limiting the amount of people floating the lower part of the Deschutes river. All in all this is a good thing, because this will keep the amount of pressure down on the river and make it even more enjoyable to fish.

This is one of the Dries we use for steel.

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