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Deschutes River Fly Fishing Report

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Cory Godell reports on 11.1.18

Steelhead fishing has definitely been full of ups and downs this season. For one reason or another the amount of steelhead that came up the Columbia and all it’s tributaries are down this year, which has made things more challenging. But for those who are willing to put their time in there are still fish to be caught.

Even though the steelhead fishing has been a bit on the tricky side of things, the trout fishing has been really good if not great for the last several weeks. With the bulk of the people fishing for steelhead you get the majority of the prime trout spots. This time of season you can catch some of the biggest trout in the Deschutes. A lot of them are chowing everything in site fattening up for winter.  Riffles are your best bet most of the day, but watch the back eddies around 1:00. There are still the occasional mayflies hatching in the heat of the day. 

The trout and steelhead season is open through the end of the year so you still have time.
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