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Upper Sacramento Fly Fishing Report

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Rick Cox of Ted Fays Fly Shop Reports :

The Upper Sac has slowed a bit from last report but is still fishing good. Reports of fish being caught are in from the entire river. The October Caddis are out and about, particularly in the evening so get those big stimulators ready …. use a dropper off of them for upping your chances. Reports of PMD, Betas, and Caddis hatches are also coming in. The river is a bit low but not affecting the fishing. You will find fish in all the usual fishy spots if you are patient … forget the cast and charge method. Showers forecast next week will only enhance the fishing plus we need the rain.

Recommended Bugs …. Nymphs

  • Dirty Bird #8-12
  • Red Fox Squirrel #8-10
  • October Caddis Pupa #8-10
  • Plump Poopah #8-10
  • Jimmy Legs #4-14
  • LBS (dig back to a certain previous report)
  • Gordon Prince #14-16
  • Copper John (red & copper) #14-16
  • Tan or Olive Fox Poopah #14-16
  • Soft Hackles #14-16


  • Humpy #14-16
  • Adams #10-18
  • X-Caddis #8-14
  • E/C Caddis #14-16
  • Stimulator #8-14
  • PMD #14-16

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