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Truckee River & Pyramid Lake Fly Fishing Report

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Matt Gilligan Koles Reports on 10.15.15

The Truckee River

The Truckee is holding pretty steady at about 100 cfs here in the Hirsch, and a bit higher down towards Nevada. Not bad. I thought it would be much worse come October. Cool nights, warm days right now. The best fishing is happening mid-morning and again in the evening. Blue wing olives are the main deal. Some other bugs in the mix, but nothing to much. We’ve been mostly tight line nymphing in the heads of runs and pocket water. The streamer bite has not turned on yet with this warm sunny weather. The dry fly fishing kinda of non existent. The fishing is pretty good with mostly smaller type fish and the occasional bigger fishing showing themselves. The fishing will only get better with some low pressure type cloud cover and such. Remember, flows are best from Hirschdale to Verdi NV.

Pyramid Lake


Ridging, high pressure at Pyramid Lake in Nevada has slowed the bite way down compared to the opener which was nothing short of epic. There still is a lot of big fish being caught daily, but we need a little weather to steer the pot up a little. Tui-Chub patterns fished from 30 feet up to the top is still the way to go. If you can find the bait balls you will find the cutthroat below them, balling them up. It is going to take at least to the end of the month to cool the water and push the fish closer into the beaches. El Nino is here. This winter will be different than the last 4. I think we are going to have a very good season out at the lake this year with more stormy stretches of weather and less sunny high pressure type days. Usually the nastier the weather is at the MId, the better the fishing.

We still have some spots for our clinics at Pyramid Lake.

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