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Truckee River/Pyramid Lake

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Matt Gilligan Koles Reports on 11.17.2016

Much colder temps this week on the Truckee River and Pyramid Lake Nevada.

No snow yet, but the forecast models look promising and all we need is the storm door to remain open and we will get it.

The Truckee River has been fishing pretty well, tougher than the last few weeks, but not bad. The water has got cold, that means trouts have migrated into slower deeper water. The best way to fish that water is with nymphs under a bobber, or jigging streamers. Not to say the tight line rig won’t work, just saying. Flows are about 200 cubes here in the Hirsch. Not low, not high, but with the sunny weather fish can be a little skittish at these flows. That’s pretty normal.

Pyramid Lake has been pretty good. November is typically a good month at the lake. I’ve been teaching some folks the switch rod set up, how to cast them ,lines, etc. I really don’t understand how anyone would fish a single hand rod when you can fish a two handed rod at the lake. So much easier and so much more power in the wind. It’s catching on, just slowly. My favorite combo is the Sage X, 7wt switch, or Redington Dually 7wt. Both are around 11 feet. My favorite line right now is the Rio Outbound short, hover line. Bad ass for slowly pulling in nymphs. Good flies have been the standard shit, beetles, buggers, midnight cowboys. Tui chub colors always work well. I tie most my shit on jig hooks for the lake now, keeping them very simple for simple fish. Put the bobber on if you don’t want to fly fish and you can probably slay them.

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