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Truckee River Fly Fishing Report

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Jon Baiocchi reports on 3.30.17

Just an echo from previous reports of the Truckee River, big water equals big fish. My guests and I have found some really nice, large trout throughout the system from the Glenshire stretch, through Hirschdale, and downstream to the California /Nevada border. 

Water temperatures have been recorded at 45 to 48 degrees. The trout of the Truckee River are a rare breed and will take flies readily, those temps being on the colder side. We’ve been tight lining/high sticking the slower and deeper water side water. Because of the high flows, the resident trout are forced to the side water, and you don’t even have to wade out. The fish are at your feet. 

A good tight line rig for fishing high water is composed of 3 feet of 30lb. mono off your floating line married to 5 feet of 10lb. fluorocarbon, then adding a #12 swivel, with 14” to you first fly (flesh worm), and 18” to your heavy bottom fly (Golden stone, cray, black rubber legs). I use a 3 inch piece of Larva Lace tubing in a bright color on the 30 lb. mono above the 10bl. junction as a sighter. I’ve been using 2 to 4 pieces of AB shots, which is placed above your swivel, rigging the weight this way will not allow your split shot to move down to your flies. While making a drag free drift, I’ll look for any irregular movement, or when the tippet stops, or moves upstream. At this point I’ll set the hook with a downstream and a sweeping side motion. The sighter section allows you to see the warning signs of a strike before you feel it. Because you are bouncing off the bottom substrate, you’ll want to set the hook on any form of resistance. 

The fish will not be as aggressive as their behavior during late spring and summer, and one must put the fly right on their nose to entice a grab. Tight lining is a lost art, and I’m so fortunate to have my dad teach me this method of nymphing in the 70”s. There is more access than ever on the Truckee River, but be careful of off road access areas and roads due to soft muddy conditions. In my opinion, the Truckee River is the best game in town right now for moving water. 

I have open dates for April and May, learn how to tackle big water and hang out with a “known dude”. 

Jon Baiocchi
Nevada City, CA

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