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Truckee River Fly Fishing Report

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Matt Koles reports on 4.27.17

Huge water on the Truckee River.

Simply put though-we’re crushing big fish.

Flows have increased out of Lake Tahoe, biggest the flows out of big blue have been since ’06. Huge, big pumping flows everywhere on the river. Big water= big fish. We’ve put a plus 20 incher in the net everyday I’ve gone out this week. Good luck doing that in summer on the Truckee River.

So your best bet is from Hirschdale on up through Glenshire Dr.  Anywhere below the Hirsch the river is way too big. Don’t fall in, you won’t get out. No need to wade deep right now. Look for some soft pockets and the fish of your lifetime will be there. Making him or her eat is a different story, but they’re there. Don’t look for flows to come down anytime soon. There’s like 20 feet of snow on top to still melt and all the res’s around here have to be dumped to make some room. Lake Tahoe, Donner, Prosser, Independence, Stampede and Boca all need storage room. The gates will be open.

I’ll admit, I really didn’t think I’d be catching fish above 4000k on the Truckee River, but we are, not a lot, but big healthy fish everyday.

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