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Truckee River Fly Fishing Report

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Matt Koles reports on 3.7.19

Still raining and snowing.

Mostly rain here last week. Good, melted a lot of snow. Still hard to get to the river here in the Hirsch, but better than the week before. Down about Farad, most of the snow has melted off. We still have about 4-5 feet at my house.

The gates are open on Lake Tahoe. I imagine them to stay open for the foreseeable future. Flows are about 1,500 k here, and a bit more down lower into Nevada. Clarity is good. Fishing is super good. Most of the rivers in Nor Cal are blown, but the Truckee is actually in really good shape.

I did a few floats out back this last week and wow, really really good. 1,500 cfs is no joke, so don’t attempt if you are not serious on the sticks. These flows are not for amateurs. I love it when the flows are high, you find that soft water and you find fish. Streamer fishing was good, and the nymphing was great.

We have a good storm system this week again. Be all rain here it looks like. Snow on top. The rain should give us a lot more access and melt some more snow. Hopefully, she doesn’t get too high this week. She’ll drop though, give it a few days. Still cold at night.

If you feel intimidated, or want to learn some new shit about fishing in higher flows, I’m gonna do a High Water Clinic this month. Saturday, March 23rd. The last one I did was a few years ago. I’ll post tomorrow, all updated and fresh. Thinking, I’m gonna charge a little more, have the clinics go a bit longer, and have a few less people. Mainly tight line nymphing, and streamer fishing in this clinic. Thing is, I’ll show you how to do that with one leader and fly line.

Folks, the Truckee Is gonna be high until 4th of July week. I would learn to fish the higher flows. You won’t be sorry.

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