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Truckee River Fly Fishing Report

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Matt Gilligan Koles Reports on 1.1.2018

Happy New Year!

The Truckee River is clear and cold and low. Tough fishing on the California side.

It’s a tale of two rivers. Completely different on the Nevada side, which is fishing very well.

In California, the water is low, not low-low, but low compared to summer time flows. That, and the water is clear as shit and cold. 330 cfs. Very tough to wrangle them trouts up right now. You will have to downsize your tippet, etc. When I mean etc., take off the big bowling ball bobbers and use yarn, or wool. Less splash and more responsive. Fish a dry dropper if you need too, and stay away from the fish. If you’ve waded up to your balls, you’ve gone too far. Someone emailed me this week and and asked how’s the fishing. My response was, not bad. Person said back, not good either, gotcha! If you want to work for some fish, it’s not bad. If you want San Juan River results, go to the San Juan.

In Nevada you have to go East into the Nature Conservancy. Good shit in there right now. Flows are about 500 cfs and a bit off color. Them fish are just big and bad down there when you get them. They like streamers and nymphs and heavy tippet. Theres a lot of dead water down in there. Not like years past where there was a fish behind every rock. You’ll have to cover some water. Getting on a raft would be and is key. I’m finding fish in my old best spots.

Thank you so much for everyone that came and fished with me this past year. I really truly appreciate you. I learned a lot more as a guide and angler last year and hopefully I can pass that along this year.

Pray for snow.

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