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Truckee River Fly Fishing Report

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Matt “Gilligan” Koles reports on 1.8.2017

Finally a little rain and snow.

Kinda what we needed to give a little spark to the Truckee River.

Flows doubled up overnight the other night and are now back down. It will come up with this storm. So expect some higher muddy water until about Friday. Good, that’s what you want. Not the stagnant conditions we had all month of December. It’s much warmer now too. Not in the single digits in the mornings right now. We’ll have some good winter fishing now.

I’ve been spending my time guiding/floating the river in Nevada. I’m so grateful to have the river come back after such a horrible drought. I have no idea how some of those fish made it through, but they did. There’s still a lot of fish in the 20″-25″ class down in there, and we’ve been hooking them. Good good stuff. We had the best streamer day we’ve had down there, even pre-drought, just the other day. It’s really a great winter fisherie.

So both sides should and will be fishing well now. If things wok out right we should see some storms continuing moving through. That’s good for fish’n.

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