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Truckee River Fly Fishing Report

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Matt Koles reports on 4.12.18


Lots of water in the ole Truckee River.

Flows got big Saturday morning, about 6,200 cfs or so. Not as big as last January when they crested at just over 9000k here in the Hirsch. They’re back down to about 4,300 k or something like that now. Kinda just like last year, high water and really good fishing. Yes, I said really good fishing.

They’re still dumping a ton of water out of Lake Tahoe and Boca. They’re both full. So it’s hard to say how long the river will stay up. I’m guessing it will drop but will stay somewhat high into early summer.

Luckily, I went through this last year and adapted to the high flows and learned how to fish it. It’s all gravy this year. Obviously not a lot of spots to fish when the waters this high, but every time you put a fly in the water could be your shot at your trophy.

My 2 favorite ways to fish are tight line nymphing and streamer fishing with a floating line. You’ll have way more control of your rigs and the fish are hugging the banks.

I have a million posts from last year in the high water so read through some old ones if you want more intel. Have fun and be safe.

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