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Truckee River Fly Fishing Report

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Mattew Koles reports on 4.26.18

Flows are dropping.

Flows continue to drop and the water is crystal clear on the Truckee River.

With the flows dropping it opens up the whole river including the Nevada side. Good, because that opens up a lot of river for me to guide and when most of those fish haven’t seen a fly in a few months, it’s game time.

1,450 k here in the Hirsh. Down from 4,400 k last week, and the rivers looking real good. Clear and cold and big Truckee River trout.


Lake Tahoe, Boca, Stampede, and Donner are all full. We will have water all summer. 3 years now of good water. I think the drought is behind us.

So what does this mean? Well, the T is fishing well. It’s always tough though. In Spring the waters cold. Big fish like to eat, but not the small ones. If you want numbers don’t sign up for this river in the spring. Go fish the Lower Sac or something. If you want to be challenged and have an opportunity at a fish of a lifetime, sign up. Spring is a really good time for big fish. 

Think of this when you do a trip. Do you want to up your streamer game, or your tight line nymphing game? Sign up. Do you want to learn to set up your own rigs and have success on this river? Sign up. If you end the day with some big fish and get some grabs be proud. I think it’s the best river in the country in the spring.

The Truckee River is good to go, and just getting better as we get finally get into spring. We’ve had cold and snow and rain since the last week of Feb. Forecast looks good now. Get your asses up here.

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