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Truckee River Fly Fishing Report

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Matt Koles reports on 5.17.18

Fishing is really really good on the Truckee River.

I don’t say that too often, but it’s really darn good right now. Flows are still somewhat high, but there’s lots of hungry healthy fish willing to take a fly.

The Truckee River is not usually a numbers river, but if you’re nymphing you can rack up some numbers right now. Late spring and early summer is a good time for that, especially if you’re using the euro/ tight line rig. March browns, blue wings, and some early caddis rounding out the menu. There’s always golden stones, and crayfish available too. Actually did a little dry fly fishing the other day during the storms. Rains gets those bugs pop’n pretty good, and occasionally we’ll get a good fish or two on top.

I’ve been fishing on the California side this week, though I’m sure the Nevada side is good as well. All over probably pretty darn good. Even heard the fishing has been good up along the 89 stretch. Crazy what a little water can do.

So nymph upon them. Dry dropper rigs are great this time of year. The streamer fishing can be pretty all right also. Fun, because you can fish a lot of different styles and since there’s fish all over, on miles of the Truckee River.

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