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Truckee River Fly Fishing Report

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Matt Koles reports on 5.24.18


Good fishing here on the ole Truckee River.

Rain, sun, thunderstorms, wind, kinda the whole mix. People been asking about the fishing with these t-storms. Well, a hell of a lot better than sun and 100 degrees. Seriously though, trouts like low light. Rain is good. Get yourself a good rain jacket.

Flows have dropped down to around 900 cfs here in the Hirsch and just a bit higher down into Nevada. The whole river is fishing good. Clarity is no issue with this rain, unless you get down into the Nature Conservancy in Nevada. Yes, the water is off color down there. Good for the streamer fishing.

So do some nymphing, streamer fishing, dry fly fishing. Yes, actually have caught some good fish this last week on top. There’s still some march browns, lots of blue wings and some caddis. We’ll see green drakes soon, and maybe some golden stones. So find some nymphs that look like the above. Hard to beat the scenery right now with all the green and all the water.

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