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Truckee River Fly Fishing Report

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Matthew Koles reports on 6.6.18


Kinda on fire.

I only say that a few times a year. Yes, the Truckee River is fishing very well right now. Flows have dropped to just about average and the water is warming. Bugs and fish galore. I did have one bad day last week. We fished streamers all day, some days they just don’t chase. If you nymph, or throw the dry dropper, you’ll catch fish.

Ants, no drakes yet, march browns, and beatis and sallies. I’m guessing the green drakes will show up this week along with some caddis maybe by next weekend. Probably see some goldens popping around too. Stick around until it gets dark and you could have one of those once in a lifetime evenings. The drakes get the big fish up on top. Nymph with all of the above-mentioned bugs.

Weather is just about perfect, mid-70’s here in the Hirsch. Cool to cold mornings still. Getting hot down on the Reno side. Still nice in the mornings though. Watch out for the beer bobbing raft hatch down there. Flows were high down there early last summer and now they’re perfect. They’ve been itching to get out and liter up the river.

With the normal flows, trouts will move away from the bank water and start getting into mid-river slots and pocket water. Those big juicy slots behind the VW size boulder will all have fish in them.

If you’d like to rent the Hirschdale hideaway and get a guide trip, I’ll take $30 bucks off any guide trip. I have a few days this month open on the guide calendar, but not many. July is still light.

I have spots open for the tight line nymph clinic on the 23rd. Come and change the way you look at nymphing.

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