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Truckee River Fly Fishing Report

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Matt Koles reports on 3.27.19

Winter’s returned.

Hard to stomach these last few days when you look at the calendar and it’s supposed to be spring, especially after the winter we’ve had. More snow on the way this week, geez.

Oh well, life could be worse, and we could bitching about having no water at all. Get used to the Truckee River being big and gnarly into summer.

There are fish to be caught. You just have to find some soft water. You can find that soft water all up and down the river if you know what to look for. Like I say, it might take a few trips of exploring and paying your dues. Or, if you’re smart, you hire yours truly and bridge the gap.


Give ‘em something meaty, and don’t wade up to your balls. Trouts are close to the banks out of current. Streamer fishing and tight line nymphing are my go to. Streamer fishing should be on the top of your list. If you’re not that good at streamer fishing. get in on a clinic. I’ll have some more this spring. Wanna get a true trophy, this is the time, not in August when it’s 100 degrees out and those fish are on a siesta. Don’t expect a lot right now. Be happy with a few good fish a day.

The whole California side is fishing good, Nevada side too. Yes, I said good. Clarity is really good too. Had a good trip through the Nature Conservancy in Nevada the other day. Been a tough go for me the last few months down there. The water is much warmer down there now and the fish have woke up. It was a cold winter up here.

Be safe out there and buckle up for the long haul of high water.


Nice warmish weather on the Truckee River.

Still very cold at night, but warm afternoons the last few days. A little snowmelt, but not much yet.

In fact most of our snow down low is melting slowly. Good, we don’t need it to melt all at once. Access is a lot easier here in the Hirsch. No snow at all anymore below Floriston into Nevada. Only thing is, you have to deal with the high water.

Clarity is really good, most of the water is coming out of Lake Tahoe right now. not from melt. Pretty good clarity down through the Nature Conservancy in Nevada too.

So the Truckee River is in pretty good shape. Trouts can be caught. Water is just high and you have to fish slow spots where fish can get out of current. Just about 1,700 k here in the Hirsch. I’ve caught fish up almost to 6,000 k back in ’17. Will the river get that high? I don’t think so, unless we get a lot of April rain.

And folks, there’s trout all over the river at these flows. Not just here in Hirschdale. Go explore the river and find some spots for yourself. You’ll probably do better. It might take you a few trips to figure things out in the high water, but persevere young butterflies, success will come.

I do have spots open for the High Water Clinic on April 6th. It will really up your game for this high water.

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