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Truckee River Fly Fishing Report

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Matt Heron, Matt Heron Fly Fishing

Truckee River- The good news with the Truckee is very cold nights have been keeping our water temps in check and that’s exactly what the doctor ordered for our local trout. With that said, we’re still packing up shop once temps. approach 68-70 on warmer days. Flows continue to drop at about 4cfs. a day out of the lake but fishing has remained consistent.

We’re getting most of our fish on dead drifted crays or stones, followed by sz. 16 caddis droppers or mayflies. Our fish are also starting to chase streamers again which has been icing on the cake. Bring a heavier rod, sink tip and hold on!

With low, clear water conditions stealth is more important now than it’s ever been on the Big T.

Walk gently, downsize everything and avoid the crowds.

Pictured is a very early morning bow in the Truckee during prime water temps.

Sawmill Lake (private) - Colder nights have also improved fishing at Sawmill the last few weeks. Fish are again cruising the shallows and sight fishing has been the way to go. Normal summer bugs seem to be working best. Callibaetis, damsels, beetles and ants have been our go-to’s.

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