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Truckee River Fly Fishing Report

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Matt Koles reports on 10.25.18

Little late on the post.

Had some long days floating the river on the Nevada side. Good solid fishing. Good streamer fishing starting too.

Wishing we could get some weather coming in again. We’re sitting under a ridge of high pressure, cold nights, warms days. If we could just get that cloud cover.

I’ve been spending all my guide trips in Nevada- so these reports are about that side of things.

Like I said, once the water gets cold, it’s all brown trout and hardly any rainbows on the streamer bite. The brown trout will move up on the banks and sit back in the frog water, and it’s game on. Sure, you can nymph for them, but what fun is that. If you want to stare at a bobber all day, go fish the Trinity, ha ha. Streamer fishing is a whole different game. The Montana boys get it, but for Californians, it’s a whole new concept. Pull your streamer through the stuff you’d nymph. Strip set. You want an alligator brown trout, you throw streamers. You match the forage food just like a nymph, and you go Elk hunting. Stay committed, streamer fishing is not for babies. You may go a long time without a grab, then bam and more bams. It’s the funnest thing you can do with a fly rod when you move that monster brown trout from the bank. And we do that a lot.

Advanced Class is full this weekend. I’ll send and email to the folks in the class and we’ll come up with a meeting place.

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